Developed by Sebastien Barrau Manufacture
Designed by Sylvain Mariat

Sylvain Mariat usually works as a business aviation interior designer, its works is full of technical challenge and impresses with its visual originality.The creation of this supersonic lounge chair stands out with a duality between high technicality and first class comfort. The stylistic approach is associated with the well-known expertise of Sebastien Barrau Manufacture. To connect his passion of design to his aviation passion, Sylvain Mariat got his inspiration from the mythic Concorde to create this exceptional lounge chair.

The fastest airliner, the supersonic Concorde, began its history in 1969. Icon of French aeronautics during decades, it showed a real technological feat which let its passengers fly at Mach 2.02 (1549.884 mph). A source of inspiration for its timeless design and technological advances, Sylvain Mariat pays tribute to it through this chair named “Lounge Chair M2.02”.

Designed by Sylvain Mariat, this singular object borrows technical and aesthetical codes to the supersonic while including today’s most innovative processes, which are the lastest high speed milling methods and metallic additive manufacturing. The materials used are from the aeronautical industry, grade 5 titanium and HexMC® carbon being the main components.

Lounge chair M2.02

The chair has a main spar in titanium, on which are fixed nine ribs in carbon with latticework of drawing inspired by some Concorde’s masterpieces. The M2.02 intrigues with its very technical structure. . Its conception pushes the boundaries of materials, with extreme latticework made to offer a maximum optimization of the strength-to-weight ratio. A characteristic that does not berate the intransigence of the desired comfort!

The influence of aerospace goes on with the piece located below the chair, directly inspired by airplane’s reactor and achieved by titanium additive manufacturing. The central hub gives a precise inclination to each leg. The shape of the baseplates of the legs, inspired by the legs of the lunar module Apollo 13, ensure a great stability and a visual reassurance.

An actuator, in titanium with satin finishing touches, allow via a double-action to automatically adjust to the user’s weight, to offer an immediate sensation of optimal individual comfort by tilting backwards the chair.

This lounge chair has been studied to provide the best comfort: the different angles that form the base and back seat as well as its height and its tilt are the outcomes of aeronautics’ research in the field of passengers’ well-being.

The “pads”, small cushions wrapped by ethical fur fabric or other fabrics coming from the contemporary haute couture world, are filled with visco-elastic foam with variable density to ensure a perfect ergonomic. Those twenty-five pieces are adjustable, with a bracket system, according to the main user’s morphology. The “cloud”, a strong symbol in the aeronautics’ world, is another inspirational element for those small cushions that give the feeling of comfort and softness to the all.

The « lounge chair M2.02 » takes advantage of a timeless design. Its approach between complexity and simplicity, delicacy and resistance, technicality and comfort makes it subtly paradoxical.

The lounge chair is available in two options: the M2.02 T, in titanium and carbon and the M2.02 A, in aluminium. Both are customizable for the fabrics’ options and the mounting screws finishing options.


Lounge chair M2.02 T

Limited edition to 10 pieces

Dimensions: 1000 x 880 x 825mm (HxPxL)

Seat cushion structure

Main spar: Grade 5 titanium
Ribs: HexMC carbon
Screws: Titanium


Support: HexMC Carbon
Foam: Visco-elastic foam
Screws: Titaninum


Central part: Grade 5 titanium
Legs: HexMC Carbon
Legs’ baseplates: Grade 5 titanium
Actuator: Titanium

Lounge chair M2.02 A

Dimensions: 1000 x 880 x 825mm (HxPxL)

Seat cushion structure

Main spar: Ligh anodized aluminium
Ribs: Black anodized aluminium
Screws: Stainless steel


Support: Black anodized aluminium
Foam: Visco-elastic foam
Screws: Stainless steel


Central part: Black dyed Alumide
Legs: Light anodized aluminium
Legs’ baseplates: Black dyed Alumide
Actuator: Titanium