Sébastien Barrau has a solid experience in metalworking based on space, aeronautic and car industries. He has been consultant for almost 10 years representing a prestigious Advanced Technonology Center for high speed & high precision milling for famous French companies.

He becomes progressively an expert for titanium and complex parts with high precision dimensions and sophisticated geometries. And also discovers titanium features for high quality finishes: thin engraved and chiseled decors, sophisticated brushed lines, coloration via lasering...

This is the starting point for Sébastien Barrau Manufacture creation, a company dedicated to glorify titanium material and make exceptional furniture pieces.

The prestigious watch or jewelry lovers are more and more attracted by a new and emerging market: exceptional furniture pieces.

Based on this statement, Sébastien Barrau has decided to use his deep knowledge in high precision titanium milling to create his own business. Based on one-o piece concept, on «sur mesure» creation, he is working on private client base.

Interior or yacht layout, exclusive fournitures… Sébastien Barrau is driving all projects with the same guidelines: titanium material and its unique features.

A material oering multiple aspects!
For the first time, this super alloy is carefully worked on to achieve excellence in furniture area. Sébastien Barrau is proposing an incredible breakthrough in usual luxury furniture category. Through titanium, a fascinating product family is born: watch like high precision milling, patterns and finishes inspired by movement complication watches, subtle engraving and precious chiseling via laser process...

Technology becomes the manufacturing driver for unique pieces oering incredible style. Sébastien Barrau Manufacture has key scientific knowledges in titanium material and high tech savoir-faire. As such the company is able to propose a new vision for exceptional furniture category.

Sébastien Barrau is constantly widening his material scope, like NTPT® carbon composite, Diamond Like Carbon Coating as well as famous sycamore wood essence, rare white ebony or precious metals.

Using his wide span of materials connected to innovative manufacturing process, Sébastien Barrau proposes daring in design, reflecting typical DNA French flair for creation. A sophisticated combination of tradition and audacity.

Well-known luxury brands are really monitoring Sébastien Barrau developments. He is now recognized as a key partner for luxury Clients & Brands as oering innovative product universe and high skills in metal working. His unique pieces are carefully designed to meet interior ambiance of famous palaces, prestigiuous luxury boutiques or private locations.

Elie Bleu, well known cabinet-maker, was the very first luxury brand to collaborate with this titanium expert to create an exceptional cigar case as a celebration for Elie Bleu 40th anniversary. Result of this collaboration is «Huitième», «Eighth», as a reference for Paris 8ème arrondissement where Elie Bleu boutique is located. «Huitième» is an incredible cigar cabinet mixing cedar, ebony and Titanium in a fascinating design

Tortoise shell expert, cabinet-maker or ergonomist... For each project, Sébastien Barreau builds a dedicated team of specialists to meet very demanding customer requests. He is the director of a unique team profile: all team members are experts in their craft.

For each step of the development process, he provides dedicated ressources. From the design sketch to final prototyping, 3D modeling softwares are extensively used to achieve high precision parts respecting drastic technical specifications. Recognized as an advanced technology expert, Sébastien Barrau proposes a unique technical footprint for his creations. Constantly looking for new process or high-tech solutions, the Manufacture sets innovative visions inspired by the best R&D labs to achieve high precision components. They are turned, cut and chiseled using special tools. The result is unique contemporary mashrabiyya, composite marquetry furnitures with precious metal trims.

Sébastien Barrau daily obsession is to create and design exceptional furnitures, each piece is unique and made «sur mesure». And each project is an aesthetic and technical challenge, related to never-seen creation concepts using innovative materials.

Self-taught man, Sébastien Barrau masters the 3 pillars of a design project : Technique, Use and Recognition.