For the first time, this super alloy is carefully worked on to achieve excellence in furniture area. Sébastien Barrau is proposing an incredible breakthrough in usual luxury furniture category. Through titanium, a fascinating product family is born: watch like high precision milling, patterns and finishes inspired by movement complication watches, subtle engraving and precious chiseling via laser process...

Technology becomes the manufacturing driver for unique pieces oering incredible style.

Sébastien Barrau Manufacture has key scientific knowledges in titanium material and high tech savoir-faire. As such the company is able to propose a new vision for exceptional furniture category. Sébastien Barrau is constantly widening his material scope, like NTPT® carbon composite, Diamond Like Carbon Coating as well as famous sycamore wood essence, rare white ebony or precious metals.


Using his wide span of materials connected to innovative manufacturing process, Sébastien Barrau proposes daring in design, reflecting typical DNA French flair for creation. A sophisticated combination of tradition and audacity.