Sur Mesure

Tortoise shell expert, cabinet-maker or ergonomist... For each project, Sébastien Barreau builds a dedicated team of specialists to meet very demanding customer requests. He is the director of a unique team profile: all team members are experts in their craft.

For each step of the development process, he provides dedicated ressources. From the design sketch to final prototyping, 3D modeling softwares are extensively used to achieve high precision parts respecting drastic technical specifications. Recognized as an advanced technology expert, Sébastien Barrau proposes a unique technical footprint for his creations.

Constantly looking for new process or high-tech solutions, the Manufacture sets innovative visions inspired by the best R&D labs to achieve high precision components.

Sébastien Barrau daily obsession is to create and design exceptional furnitures, each piece is unique and made «sur mesure». And each project is an aesthetic and technical challenge, related to never-seen creation concepts using innovative materials.

Sur Mesure

Self-taught man, Sébastien Barrau masters the 3 pillars of a design project: Technique, Use and Recognition.